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Our Family, Our Story
մեր ընտանիք, մեր պատմությունը

("mer endanik, mer badmutsyun") 

Food & Wine Magazine Mini Kabob


Armenian Flag

Ovakim and Alvard Martirosyan, to the right, immigrated to the US from Armenia in pursuit of a brighter future for their family. They took over Mini Kabob in 1987, initially founded by a Persian Armenian named Ara. The Martirosyans brought their authentic Armenian recipes with Egyptian influences from their great-grandparents' heritage.

In 2015, their son Armen Martirosyan joined Mini Kabob, diligently refining recipes and earning recognition from local media and TV outlets, propelling the restaurant to international acclaim. Notably featured in the Los Angeles Times' 101 Best Restaurants and the New York Times' Top 50 nationwide, Mini Kabob has become a global destination.

Now, with the addition of Armen's wife, Katya Martirosyan, to the team, Mini Kabob is poised for expansion, offering catering services and preparing for a prosperous future while maintaining its unique, homey kitchen atmosphere. Every day, the Martirosyans craft their recipes from scratch, infusing each plate with a palpable love and creating a dining experience akin to visiting their family kitchen.

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